cairo studios

The film making industry is divided into several sections and different stages, and the film locations vary between external locations, internal and pre-built sets. Dollar film seeks to be a company that owns and has access to every service needed in the filming process. Therefore, Dollar Film decided to start building a studio that provides the following services for filmmaking. The complex is built on a surface of 4150 m2 and is divided to 3 sections. The Studio is under construction, and it will open in January 2018.
Meeting rooms available for the pre-production meetings, casting, costume fitting, rehearsal with the actors before starting the shooting of the project.
Filming Studio: A large plateau (1000 m²) with extension rooms for the actors, wardrobes, make-up and hair, as well as props storage and workshops space. Filming equipment, cameras, lighting and rigging equipment will be provided at the studio.
Post Production
Postproduction is part of the process of FILMMAKING that includes all stages of production occurring after shooting or recording individual program segments.

It typically includes:
Video editing, (re)recording, and editing the soundtrack.
Adding visual special effects and color grading (correction)
Sound design, sound effects, ADR, folly, and music, sound re-recording or mixing with professional audio equipment.

Cairo Studios contain a section for the post production work divided into:

Editing and coloring studio
Individual editing suites equipped with the latest editing and coloring machines.

With interactive multimedia, digital animation solutions, 2D and 3D graphic and animation services for film, television, video and multimedia production.

Sound Studio
With facilities for sound editing, mixing and mastering, the studio will provide different services for film projects for the music production for the soundtrack, dialog mixing and editing, sound replacement/Foley, and audio fx production.