About Dollar Film
about dollar film
Founded by late Ismail Kurdi as a family business, Dollar Film is one of the earliest film companies in the Arab world that has greatly contributed to the development of the Egyptian film industry during the second half of 20th century. Currently, the company is headed by its Chairman and CEO Walid Kurdi, who has been maintaining the company’s success over the years. Dollar Film was established in 1949 as a film distribution company and it distributed its first film, Hamido, in 1953. Since the 20th century and until now, the company has been actively involved in film distribution during periods that have witnessed many social changes.
During almost seven decades, the company distributed more than 150 films inside and outside Egypt, many of which have received critical and audience acclaim and became known as classical films. Through these films, Dollar Film introduced many prominent actors/actresses to Arab cinema, such as the duo Omar Sharif and Faten Hamama (The River of Love). The company also built a strong lasting bond with Egyptian action star Farid Shawki (Platform No. 5). Furthermore, the company solidified comedy actor Adel Emam’s position as one of the Arab world’s biggest movie stars through some of his early films, such as Shaaban Below Zero. Supporting and introducing promising talents to the Arab film industry has always been part of the company’s philosophy.

Dollar Film produced many films based on bestselling novels, including The Road by Nobel Laureate Naguib Mahfouz and The Virgin and the White Hair by Ihsan Abdel Quddous, along with films written by prominent screenwriters, such as Under Zero by Osama Anwar Okasha and Malaf Fel Adab by Wahid Hamed. The company has also collaborated with veteran directors in Egyptian cinema, such as Ezz Eldein Zo El Faqqar (A Beginning and an End), Salah Abou Seif (Between Heaven and Earth), Fatin Abdel Wahab (A Rumor of Love), Atef Salem (Struggle on the Nile), Henry Barakat (The Nightingale's Prayer), Hossam El-Din Mustafa (Al-Harafish), Hussein Kamal (My Love... Always) and Atef El Tayeb (The World on the Wing of a Pigeon).

The Teams
The company currently includes a team of 700 employees who work in the administrative and financial sectors, in addition to hundreds of other teams who directly follow up the film productions.
Dollar Film Board Members
Walid Kurdi
Chairman of the Board
Saad Kurdi
Chief Executive Officer
Zaid Kurdi
Deputy Chief Executive Officer for Distribution Affairs
Zein Kurdi
Deputy Chief Executive Officer for Production
Eman Shawqi