A Tempest of Tears

Year of Production: 1979
Directed by: Atef Salem
Written by: Mohamed Mostafa Samy
About the movie
A secretary gets a pregnant after getting into a relationship with a lawyer. But, the lawyer refuses to marry her when he finds out about her pregnancy. So, when she gives birth, she leaves her baby girl at her neighbor’s house who is an old man. Over the years, the same thing happens to the girl after she grows up; she becomes an unmarried pregnant woman. Her father, who had raised her, files a complaint against the young man who impregnated her and entrustes a lawyer, who is the girl’s real father. Her real father finds out the truth at the end.
Farid Shawqi, Laila Taher, Omar El-Hariri, Mariem Fakhr Eldin, Abdel-Wareth Asar, Hala Fouad