hub wa demoue

Year of Production: 1955
Directed by: Kamal El Sheikh
Written by: Mahmoud Sobhi (story), Ali El Zorkani (Screenplay)
About the movie
An innocent girl lives with her poor father in Port Said and is in love with a handsome naval officer, always waiting for his return from his trips abroad. Her father is forced to borrow money from a rich man and cannot pay it back. The wealthy man takes advantage of the situation and asks for the daughter’s hand in marriage, even though she only sees him as her father’s friend. The father agrees but he goes back on his promise on the night of the wedding and kills the groom. During the investigation, the father dies as well from the extreme shock of what he has done. The girl falls victim to a man who hires her to work at his nightclub where she meets a kindhearted singer who supports her until her fiancée returns from his trips.
Faten Hamama, Ahemd Ramzy, Aqeela Rateb, Zaki Rostom, Stephan Rosty