emraa fil tarik

Year of Production: 1958
Directed by: Ezzel Dine Zulficar
Written by: Mohamed Abu Youssef (dialogue), Abdel Hai Adib (screenplay)
About the movie
: The film revolves around a traitorous wife who is in love with her brother in law who actually despises her. The two men’s father treats the older son with cruelty, while spoiling the younger son. The father loses his sight in an accident that he thinks his eldest son is behind, but the eldest son remains beside his father to help and protect him. He saves their family home as it was about to be sold off to pay for their debts. In the meantime, the younger brother's struggle with his flirtatious wife escalates until it ends with both of their deaths.
Rushdy Abaza, Shukry Sarhan, Huda Sultan, Zaki Rostom, Amal Farid, Shafik Nour Eldin