el akh el kabir

Year of Production: 1958
Directed by: Fatin Abdel Wahab
Written by: Ali El Zorkani
About the movie
The film revolves around an older brother who is a drug dealer, and at the same time is the bread winner of his family, consisting of his mother, younger brother and cousin. The older brother has a relationship with a dancer at the bar who works with him. The dancer tries to marry him in any way, but he refuses to marry her in order to preserve the name of his family, especially as he sought not to involve his younger brother in his life of crime. The dancer feels humiliated and manages with her servant to entrap the younger brother and make him addicted to drugs to exact revenge against the elder brother. When the older brother realizes the conspiracy, he tries to cure his brother of his addiction, and inform the police about the gang. They all get arrested, including himself. The younger man realizes the sacrifice his brother made and resists his addiction to drugs and returns to his family to take care of them.
Farid Shawqi, Hind Rostom, Ahmed Ramzy, Ferdoos Mohammed, Farida Fahmy, Mohammed Tawfik