bidaya wa nihaya

Year of Production: 1960
Directed by: Salah Abouseif
Written by: Naguib Mahfouz (Story), Ahmed Shokry and Kamal Abdel Salam(Dialogue), Salah ezzeldin (Screenplay)
About the movie
A family suffers financial difficulties after the father dies. The older brother turns to crime, while the younger brother starts working to help support his youngest brother to continue his studies and join the Military Academy. The family’s only daughter falls in love and has an affair and when her lover doesn't marry her, she works as a prostitute to support her brother and mother with what little money she makes. The youngest brother becomes an officer, forsaking his fiancée and family to try in vain to join the ranks of the upper class.
When the second brother suddenly comes home to escape the police, the family calls in the youngest brother to help just as he also finds out about his sister’s prostitution which lead to an intense argument between them ending in her suicide by throwing herself in the Nile. Her brother, unable to bear all that has happened throws himself in too.
Farid Shawki, Omar Sharif, Sanaa Gamil, Amina Rizk