hubbi el wahid

Year of Production: 1960
Directed by: Kamal El Sheikh
Written by: Sabry Ezzat (Story), Ali El Zorkani and Sabry Ezzat (Screenplay)
About the movie
A pilot, Adel, falls in love with a girl, while a family friend is also trying to win her over and she refuses him. The pilot confesses that he wants to propose to her when he returns from one of his trips. On the trip, one of the air hostesses confesses that she is in love with Adel and he says he doesn’t feel the same. She offers to drive him to his girlfriend’s house, but they get into an accident on the way. When he is late to their engamenet, the family friend offers to marry the bride and she agrees. Later on she meets the air hostess and finds out what happened. She asks her husband for a divorce to return to her first love. The husband in a fit of rage concocts an unsuccessful plan to kill her.
Omar Sharif, Nadia Lotfi, Kamal El Shennawy, Shwikar, Abdel Moneim Ibrahim