Out of the Ordinary

Year of Production: 2015
Directed by: Daoud Abdel Sayed
Written by: Daoud Abdel Sayed
About the movie
When his scientific investigation of the paranormal comes to naught, Yehia decides to take a vacation from work. He settles in a seaside guest house inhabited by a clan of quirky characters. There, Yehia stumbles across the magic he had so long sought. As something out of the ordinary seems to exist within the people there, and perhaps also within himself.
Khaled Abol Naga, Naglaa Badr, Mariam Tamir, Abbas Aboelhassan, Mahmoud Elgendy, Hasan Kami, Ahmad Kamal
Festivals and Awards
Egyptian Cinema Film Association Festival
Best Décor Award
Special Acting Award to Mariam Tamer
Best Audience Award

Egyptian Catholic Center Cinema Festival
Artistic Creativity Award to Marawan Saber
Best Décor Award and Set Design to Art Director Onsi Abou Seif
Best Montage to Editor Mona Rabie
Best Music Award to Rageh Daoud
Best Screenplay Award to Daoud Abdel Sayyed
Best Film Award
Best Actress in a Leading Role Award to Naglaa Badr
Best Director Award to Daoud Abdel Sayed
Best Actress in a Second Role Award to Mariam Tamer

Arab Cinema Awards (ACA)
Best Screenplay Award to Daoud Abdel Sayyed
Best Décor Award to Art Director Onsi Abou Seif

Audience Award at the Gabes Film Festival