Majid al-Muhandis voices GAWAZA TOXIC’s folksy title track LAW ZAALAN

Majid al-Muhandis voices GAWAZA TOXIC’s folksy title track LAW ZAALAN

Date: 29 June, 2024
“If you are upset, drink from the sea” is a well-known Arabic folk proverb that encourages the person who’s upset with you to just do what they please — or be upset if they want to — and it’s the essence of Majid al-Muhandis’s LAW ZAALAN, the official song released by New Century Productions for Mahmoud Karim’s upcoming family comedy GAWAZA TOXIC ahead of the film’s approaching release across Egyptian theaters on July 3rd.
Through the song’s humorous lyrics, we watch as Majid al-Muhandis urges the film’s protagonists to overcome their grievances or simply “drink from the sea,” which is appropriate for the film’s atmosphere, the events of which take place against the backdrop of a lighthearted, summery setting, only made cloudy as we watch clashes happen between the film’s couples — Mohamed Anwar and Malak Koura, Laila Eloui and Bayoumi Fouad, and Tamer Hagras and Heidi Karam, where it seems that the tension between Farida and Karim sets a strain on the relationships of those around them too.
The song is produced by Cassette Media, with lyrics by Mohamed El Bougha, music composed by Mahmoud El Khayami, arrangements by Tarek Abdel Jaber, and digital distribution handled by Warner Music Middle East.
The film follows Farida and Karim — each from a different social background — who meet due to a chance encounter in Dubai, where a misunderstanding sparks a relationship between them, and thus begins their love story. The film follows their comedic journey to marriage as the differences in the backgrounds are brought to light when their families enter the scene.
GAWAZA TOXIC is directed by Mahmoud Karim, produced by Zaid Al Kurdi, and written by Loay El Sayed. The film is produced by New Century Productions, in co-production with Synergy Group, Magic Beans Productions, and Misr International Films.
The film stars Laila Eloui, Bayoumi Fouad, Tamer Hagras, Heidi Karam, Mohamed Anwar, Malak Koura, Johara, Nourine Abouseada, and Farouk Kandil.