Year of Production: 2019
Directed by: Said El Marouk
Written by: Mohamed Abdelmoati
About the movie
The film features Seif, a scammer who helps the rich beauty Hala to restore her money from another scammer. In an endless series of games and deception, the concepts of love, friendship and life are no longer clear.
Money is directed by Said El Marouk, scripted by Mohamed Abdelmoati, based on a concept by Tamer Hosny. Alongside Hosny, the film stars Khaled Elsawy, Zeina, Aicha Ben Ahmed, and Mohamed Sallam. The film is co-produced by New Century Production, Misr International Films, and Al Koot Production. Dollar Film handles the film’s distribution in the Arab world, while Front Row Filmed Entertainment, International Film Distribution (IFD) and Cinescape handle the film’s distribution worldwide. MAD Solutions handles the film’s marketing and promotion.