Out of the Ordinary

  • Year: 2015
  • Directed by : Daoud Abdel Sayed
  • Written by : Daoud Abdel Sayed

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About the movie Drama

When his scientific investigation of the paranormal yields naught, Yehia takes a forced vacation from his work and regular life. Wandering without aim, he settles in a seaside guest house inhabited by a clan of quirky characters. As he grows intimate with the owner and close to her charismatic young daughter, Yehia believes he’s stumbled across the magic he’d so long sought. Something out of the ordinary seems to exist within them all, and perhaps also within himself.


Khaled Abol Naga

Naglaa Badr

Mahmoud El Guindi

Mariam Tamir

Hasan Kami

Ahmed Kamal


  • Best Production Designer : Egyptian Cinema Film Association Festival
  • Special Jury Prize (Acting) (Mariam Tamer) : Egyptian Cinema Film Association Festival


  • Dubai International Film Festival
  • Mediterranean Film Festival of Annaba
  • Carthage Film Festival
  • Egyptian Cinema Film Association Festival

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