• Year: 2014
  • Directed by : Ahmed AbdAllah
  • Written by : Sherin Diab, Mohamed Diab

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About the movie Drama

Maha has always been passionate about film, and as a set designer she’s become an expert at creating imaginary worlds. Under immense pressure at work, she sights another life on the horizon and begins slipping between realities—one resembling the film set she’s designed and the other her supposed real life. As she grows ever more entangled in each, the border between the real and imagined becomes blurred. Maha walks a fine line between her parallel lives, and must decide for the first time what she truly desires.


Horeya Farghaly

Maged El Kedwani

Khaled Abol Naga


  • Best Actor : International Women Film Festival of Sale
  • Best Director : International Women Film Festival of Sale
  • Best Editor : International Women Film Festival of Sale
  • Best Screenplay : International Women Film Festival of Sale


  • BFI London Film Festival
  • Singapore International Film Festival
  • Cairo International Film Festival
  • Carthage Film Festival
  • Palm Springs International Film Festival
  • Festival de Cine Africano de Cordoba - FCAT
  • Minneapolis-St. Paul International Film Festival
  • Wisconsin Film Festival
  • Oslo Films From the South - Arab Film Days
  • Helsinki African Film Festival
  • Seattle International Film Festival
  • Calgary Arab Arts and Culture Society
  • Royal Film Commission – Jordan
  • Lima Independent International Film Festival
  • International Images Film Festival for Women
  • Film Festival by the Sea
  • Waterfront Film Festival
  • Vancouver International Film Festival
  • Arab Film Festival Tuebingen
  • International Women Film Festival
  • Sale Women Film Festival
  • Film Arabe de Gabes
  • Sao Paulo International Film Festival
  • Cinemafrica Film Festival
  • Latinarab
  • Festival des Cinemas d'Afrique d'Apt
  • The Festival Cinema Africano di Verona
  • Cine-World Film Festival
  • Rendezvous with Madness Film Festival
  • International Film Festival of India - Goa
  • Chennai International Film Festival
  • Afrykamera - African Film Festival in Poland

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