Cairo 678

  • Year: 2010
  • Directed by : Mohamed Diab
  • Written by : Mohamed Diab

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About the movie Drama

Three woman from different social classes deal with sexual harassment each in their own way. Seba focuses on personal recovery after being sexually assaulted, Fayza incessantly seeks her own brand of informal justice, and Nelly faces up to widespread social anger when she dares to file a lawsuit


Nelly Karim


Maged El Kedwani

Bassem Samra

Ahmed El Feshawy

Nahed Al Sebai

Sawsan Badr


  • Arabian Sights Film Festival : Audience Award
  • Asia Pacific Awards: High commendation Chicago international Film Festival
  • Catholic Center Cinema Festival : Jury Prize
  • Chicago International Film Festival : Best Actor
  • Chicago International Film Festival : Silver Hugo Best Film
  • Cinemed Film Festival : Prix Du Public
  • Cinemed Film Festival : Prix Jeune Public
  • Dubai International Film Festival : Best Actor
  • Dubai International Film Festival : Best Actress
  • Egyptian Oscars : Best New Director
  • Heartland Film Festival : Narrative Award
  • Khouribga Film Festival : Best Sup.Actress
  • Khouribga Film Festival : Best Film
  • Mediterranean Film Festival : Best Film
  • Sale Women Film Festival : Special Mention
  • Sydney International Film Festival : Special Mention
  • Taormina Film Festival : Youth Choice Award
  • Third Eye Asian Film Festival : Best Film


  • Dubai International Film Festival
  • Durban International Film Festival
  • FILMFEST MÜNCHEN -Munich Film Festival
  • Ghent International Film Festival
  • Seattle Film Festival
  • Sydney Film Festival

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