• Year: 2011
  • Directed by : Amr Salama
  • Written by : Amr Salama

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About the movie Drama

Asmaa is a rural woman who has tested HIV-positive, a social stigma she keeps a secret to all, even her daughter. She’s in need of a simple surgery, but no doctor is willing to carry out the procedure. When given the opportunity to appear on a popular talk show with the aim of combating the disease’s social stigma, Asmaa is essentially asked to strike a balance between her fear and her suffering.


Hend Sabry

Maged El Kedwani

Hani Adel

Ahmed Kamal


  • Abu Dhabi Film Festival : Best Director, Best Actor
  • Genève Film Festival : Golden Award
  • Mons International Film Festival : Women’s Film Award
  • Fribourg International Film Festival : Audience Award
  • Peace Festival in Hollywood: Best Director, Best Actor, Best Actress
  • Muscat Festival : Best Arab Film
  • Oran Film Festival : Special Mention


  • Abu Dhabi Film Festival
  • Genève Film Festival
  • Mons International Film Festival
  • Fribourg International Film Festival
  • Peace Festival in Hollywood
  • Muscat Festival
  • Oran Film Festival

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