New Century Production has been maintaining an unparalleled passion towards building a sustainable and constantly evolving film industry in the Arab world, bridging the star-studded universe of filmmakers and celebrities with the young and aspiring talents in the Arab world, all for the sake of telling stories that would make a difference. Believing in the importance of film festivals and film events that seek to present diverse content to the Egyptian audience and provide artistic and cultural exchange between filmmakers from different nationalities, Dollar film sponsors a number of festivals and film events held in Egypt through financial grants, screening equipment rental or financial support. In the past few years, we supported:


El Gouna Film Festival

New Century participated in El Gouna Film Festival


Ismailia International Film Festival

New Century participated in Ismailia International Film Festival

ciff 2

Cairo International film festival

The Cairo International Film Festival (CIFF) is one of the 15 Festivals accorded category “A” status by the International Federation of Film Producers Associations FIAPF. It is the oldest cultural event in Africa and the Middle East.

The Festival was launched in 1976 by the writer-critic Kamal el Mallakh to enhance the role of Egypt in the world of cinema and to serve as a bridge between the cultures of the world.

Dollar Film support the festival by providing DCP Machine for the film screening in the Cairo Opera House Theatres.

Moreover, for the past edition New Century Production offered a Cash prize for the winning film in Cairo Film Connection.

Cairo Film Connection hosts filmmakers from all over the world, who have a project with an Arab connection (director, producer, co-producer, main talent, location, subject matter, etc…).

CFC is hosting representatives of 12 projects in development and production phases to be part of the three-day course in Cairo to communicate with cinema industry delegates, local and international producers and distributors.

The connection aims at opening opportunities for talented filmmakers to meet and network with other entities that may be potential project partners. In addition, several cash prizes are offered to help the projects throughout their development and completion.


Zawya Logo

Zawya Cinema

Misr International Films has set 12 March 2014 as the launch date of its Zawya Initiative, supported by New Century (Dollar Film) through the company’s allocation of a theatre in Odeon Cinema. The Zawya Initiative aims to promote film culture in Egypt by using existing cinemas to screen alternative Arab and foreign films on a weekly basis. Odeon Cinema, in downtown Cairo, has been selected as Zawya’s screening base.

Organized and managed by producer Youssef El Shazly, Zawya is showing independent local films in order to support young Egyptian and Arab filmmakers in marketing their works and making them accessible to cinema audiences. Zawya organize parallel activities to complement its screening program, including workshops and panel discussions on the screened films.

The Zawya Initiative also includes an education and cinema program that aims to merge education with entertainment in order to help youth develop their critical and analytical skills.



Luxor african film festival

Dollar Film support the festival by providing DCP Machine for the film screening in the the different venues in Luxor.



In addition, this year will support El Gouna Film Festival in it 1st edition