Nawara in theatres
20 March, 2016
Dollar Film announced that the release of Nawara Movie in theaters will be on March 23rd, 2016

The film is written and directed by Hala Khalil, produced by Red Star Production, starring Menna Shalaby, Mahmoud Hemeda, Amir Salaheldin, Ragaa Hussein, Ahmed Rateb, Sherine Reda and Rahma Hassan

The film premiere was in Dubai International Film Festival 2015 and won the Muhr Award for Best Actress. It was also the opening film of Luxor African Film Festival in his latest edition.

The film tells the story of Nawara who goes back and forth every day on her way to work in the alleys of the poor neighborhood and the roads leading to the villas of the luxury compound, carrying in her journey between these two worlds the worries of the people of her neighborhood and their simple dreams, Nawara didn’t know that the spring of 2011 will bring her what she never expected.