El Haram EL Rabea “The Fourth pyramid” in theaters during mid-year vacation

  • Date: January 11, 2016

Dollar Film will release “El Haram El Rabea” movie in theatre during the mid-year vacation season . The film is written and directed by Peter Mimi , starring

Ahmed Hatem, Tara Emad, Mohsen Mansour, Reham Abdul Ghafoor, Bayoumi Fouad, Merihan Hussein and Mustafa AbuSerie .

The film subject is about electronic piracy, It tell the story of a student studying in the faculty of Engineering and  who is expert in bank account seizures.

The Film is produced by Makam Film Production (Seif Ghoraiby) , Exception Production(Mohamed El Komy) and Fourteen Production (AbdAllah Monsef)

A number of Egyptian actor will be guests of honor in the film such as Mahmoud ElGendy, Ahmed Halawa and Youssef Shaaban ,along with Yosra El Lozi, Ahmed Bajjah, Mohammed Suleiman and TV presenter Ingie Aly and  Afaf Rashad