The Young Devil

  • Year: 1963
  • Directed by : Kamal El Sheikh
  • Written by : Sabry Ezzat
الشيطان الصغير 1963

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About the movie Action

The film tells the story of a little boy, Essam, who hides in a moving truck, doubting that the driver hides a hideous crime. The boy falls asleep and wakes up to see the driver as he tries to hide his crime. The driver sees the boy so he takes him as a hostage to keep his mouth shut. While the driver’s assistant tries to help the boy to escape, he gets shot by the driver. After one-day chases, the police officers reach the spot where the boy is kept and they bring him back to his family.


Kamal El Shenawi

Samira Ahmed

Hassan Youssef

Salah Mansour

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