The Student

  • Year: 1961
  • Directed by : Hassan El Emam
  • Written by : Mohamed Mustafa Sami

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About the movie Drama Social

A poor mother whose conditions drive her to work as a nurse for the daughter of the schoolmaster where she works. Her daughter and the schoolmaster’s daughter grow up together. The daughter of the poor lady falls in love with a man who belongs to a rich family that refuses such a relationship, leading the daughter to look down upon her mother whose poverty ruined her relationship with her lover. She leaves her house, and when her lover finds her, he gets shocked as she became a prostitute. She gets sick and then finds no place to go but her mother’s, while all she longs for now is her forgiveness.



Hassan Youssef

Amina Rizk

Fouad El Mohandes

Amal Farid

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