The Shore of Memories

  • Year: 1955
  • Directed by : Ezz Aldin Zu Alfukar
  • Written by : Alsayed Bedair
شاطىء الزكريات 1955

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About the movie Drama,Thriller

Synopsis: Two brothers, absolute opposites, clash again and again. When the younger rapes a girl and evades responsibility, the older tries to make him face up to the scandal and marry her as a form of social protection. The younger refuses, so the older marries the girl himself and tries to live a happy life. Years later, the younger brother re-appears in the couple’s life, forcing a violent confrontation that ends in tragedy, and yet also opens a path to inner peace.


Shokry Sarhan


Emad Hamdy

Tawfiq Al-Deken

Alsayed Bedair

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