The Respectable Family

  • Year: 1964
  • Directed by : Fateen Abdel Wahab
  • Written by : Badea Khairy| Naguib Al Rihany
العائلة الكريمة 1964

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About the movie Comedy Social

“Set Abouha” is a girl who lives with her father in an alley. She gets married to a poor man whose name is “Salah”. She decides to travel to her mother in Turkey in search for fortune. There, she meets a Turkish rich man who proposes to her. She gets back to Egypt to get divorced from her husband who refuses and makes her legally stay in his house as an obedient wife. He teaches her a lesson so that she can be the person she always used to be again, and be a good wife away from her mother’s influence.


Farid Shawki

Adel Adham

Hoda Sultan

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