The Nightingale’s Prayer

  • Year: 1959
  • Directed by : Henry Barakat
  • Written by : Henry Barakat
دعاء الكروان 1959

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About the movie Drama

Two orphaned Bedouin sisters are fated to leave their home in the countryside and work as servants in different estates. The elder sister works for an engineer and develops a relationship with him, eventually falling pregnant. When her family discovers the scandal, tradition demands that she be killed. Seeking revenge, the younger sister goes to work for the same engineer, but ironically falls in love with him. When her uncle finds out, tragedy is bound to prevail


Faten Hamama

Ahmed Mazhar

Amina Rizk

Zahra Al-Ola

Abdel Halim Khattab

Ragaa Al-Gedawy

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