The Elder Brother

  • Year: 1958
  • Directed by : Fateen Abdel Wahab
  • Written by : Ali Al-Zarqani
الأخ الكبير

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About the movie Drama,Action

Awad works as a drug dealer in order to support his mother, younger brother, and cousin. He’s in a relationship with a dancer who also sells drugs, but refuses to marry her for fear of disappointing his family, and wary of exposing his brother to the vices of a criminal life. Seeking revenge for the pain of rejection, the dancer seduces his younger brother and gets him addicted to drugs. The elder brother takes action, sacrificing himself and inspiring his younger brother to redeem himself and take responsibility for the rest of the family.


Farid Shawki

Hind Rostom

Ahmed Ramzy

Fardous Mohamed

Farida Fahmy

Mohamed Tawfiq

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