Shaban Subzero

  • Year: 1980
  • Directed by : Henry Barakat
  • Written by : Samir Abdel Azim
شعبان تحت الصفر 1980

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About the movie Action Comedy

Shabaan is a poor employee who wants to get married to his beloved Zainab, but is obstructed by his lack of money. At the same time elsewhere, a rich man passes away so his relatives search for his only heir to give him the money. Somehow the rich man’s family meets Shaaban and strikes a deal with them; the deal is to play the heir and in return get half of the fortune for himself. Shabaan finds out that the person he impersonated is convicted in a crime. He fails to prove that he’s Shaaban, and not the rich man’s heir. Therefore, Shaaban is forced to run away until the relatives of the rich man get arrested and admit their crime. Shabaan is then released and marries Zainab his true love.


Adel Emam

Esaad Younis

Emad Hamdy

Ahmed Ratib

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