My Only Love

  • Year: 1960
  • Directed by : Kamal El Sheikh
  • Written by : Ali Al Zarkany
حبي الوحيد

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About the movie Drama

A girl in love with “Adel”, a successful pilot, at the same time a friend of her family tries to woo her; yet she rejects him. On the day of their engagement at the return of some trip, one of the air hostesses lets him know about her love for him. Adel is loyal to his girl and he tries to go to her house to give her the engagement ring on time but he has an accident while he was riding the car of the hostess. On seeing that her lover was late, the girl decides to accept the proposal of her family’s friend, and they get married. Later the girl meets the hostess and knows that her lover was in the hospital; consequently she asks her husband for divorce so that she can re-unit with the man she loves. Her husband, on the other hand, plots to kill her; but luckily he fails.


Omar Sherif

Nadia Lotfi

Kamal El Shenawi


Abdel Moneim Ibrahim

Fakher Fakher

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