Money and Wisdom

  • Year: 1965
  • Directed by : Abbas Kamel
  • Written by : Abbas Kamel
العقل والمال

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About the movie Comedy Social

“Fakhr El Din” strongly believes in love. He bets a friend that he can live happily ever after with his beloved,“Shams El Asil”. However, his friend insists that money is everything. “Fakhr” tells “Shams” about this bet on the wisdom of mind VS the power of money. She gives him a novel telling the story of a man with a special ability to convert everything into gold living in an old age, yet he spends all his money with no wisdom. By the end, he realizes that, in this life, wisdom is more essential than money.


Ismail Yassin

Hassan Faik

Ibrahim Khan

Kawsar Al Assal

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