Don’t Remember Me

  • Year: 1961
  • Directed by : Mahmoud Zul Fakkar
  • Written by : Abdel Hay Adeeb
لا تذكريني

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About the movie Drama

A woman married to a young physician and has a little girl. However, due to her materialistic tendencies, she leaves her husband and gets into a relationship with a minister. Then, she becomes a drug addict, so the minister leaves her. Her daughter grows up to be a successful journalist. Little did she know, she tries to reveal the corruption of the minister and her mother, but her father distracts her from the case in order not to protect her from the shock when she knows about her mother’s disgraceful history.



Hussein Riyad

Stéphan Rosti

Emad Hamdy

Lubna Abdel Aziz

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