Devils of the Night

  • Year: 1966
  • Directed by : Neyazi Mostafa
  • Written by : Kamal Ismail
شياطين الليل

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About the movie Drama Social

Atwa takes care of his younger brother so that he can complete his academic career. He works in a factory. Due to his physical strength, he works as a procurer in Emad El Din Street. He meets Rawheya who lost her entire family for being killed by the British during the colonialism. Atwa works as a spy for a princess, reporting about patriots. When Rawheya knows that he is a spy, she leaves him. Salah, Atwa’s brother, gets killed by the British soldiers; a thing that drove him to seek revenge for the death of his brother, so he becomes a patriot against the British colonists. Rawheya returns to him, and finally they get married.


Farid Shawki

Hind Rostom

Salah Al Sadaani

Amina Rizk

Shafiq Nureddin

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