Between Heaven and Earth

  • Year: 1959
  • Directed by : Salah Abu Seif
  • Written by : Alsayed Bedair
بين السماء والارض 1959

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About the movie Drama

A group of strangers are stuck in a broken elevator. An actress, a mad man, two thieves, a mother-to-be, a childish old man, and a former aristocrat, they all develop new perspectives on life and regret their past misdeeds as they lose hope of being rescued. Meanwhile, in the same building, a desperate man intends to commit suicide by throwing himself off the roof, and a gang prepares to rob a company on one of the building’s floors. When the police arrive, these situations are largely diffused, but it remains to be seen whether the elevator group stays faithful to its new-found intentions.


Hind Rostom

Abdel Salaam Alnabulsi

Mahmoud El Meligy

Abdel Moneim Madbouli

Zizi Mustafa

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