Beginning & Ending

  • Year: 1960
  • Directed by : Ezz Aldin Zu Alfukar
  • Written by : Naguib Mahfouz
بداية ونهاية  1960

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About the movie Drama Social

A family suffers financial problems after the death of the father. The Eldest brother falls apart and works as a drug dealer. The middle brother terminates his academic career and starts working with his high school degree so that the youngest brother can complete his school year and join the faculty of military service. As for the daughter, after being abandoned by her illegitimate lover, she secretly works in a house of prostitution to help her mother and youngest brother with the money she gets. The youngest brother finally graduates from his college and looks down upon his family, his fiancée and social class. He tries to be a member of a higher social class where his aspirations become endless, but in vain. In the rush of events, the middle brother returns home wounded after a long chase by police, meanwhile the police summons the youngest brother, the officer to find out that his sister works as a prostitute, so he drives her to commit suicide by jumping into the river. Realizing all the sacrifices his family did for his sake, he jumps after his sister and dies.


Omar Sherif

Faten Hamama

Zaki Rostom

Amina Rizk

Fouad El Mohandes

Omar Hariri

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