A Woman on the Way

  • Year: 1958
  • Directed by : Ezz Aldin Zu Alfukar
  • Written by : Abdel Hay Adeeb
إمراة فى الطريق 1959

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About the movie Drama,Action

Two brothers receive differential treatment from their father; the younger is spoiled and the elder unappreciated. Their father holds the elder son responsible for the accident which cost the father his sight, and yet the elder son stands by his side and helps him pay off his debts. The younger son’s wife attempts to seduce the elder brother, who angrily rejects her. Their triangle of relationships collapses into a complex web of betrayal, confrontation, and revenge, leading to a dramatic turn of events that climaxes in tragedy.


Roshdy Abaza

Shokry Sarhan

Hoda Sultan

Zaki Rostom

Amal Farid

Shafiq Nureddin

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