irham hubbi

Year of Production: 1959
Directed by: Henry Barakat
Written by: Henry Barakat, Seif El Din Shawkat (Scriptwriting), Ali Al-Zarqani (Dialogue)
About the movie
Nadia falls in love with Dr. Raafat, yet her sister Nawal wants to steal him from her sister as he will help her achieve her dreams. So, she succeeds in seducing him and they get married. Afterwards, Nawal gets acquainted with Dr. Roshdy, who is known for his bad behavior. The events unfold when Nawal gradually falls in love with Roshdy as her husband is always busy with his patients. After getting into a relationship with him, Nawal uses her sister as a scapegoat to conceal her own sins. However, Nawal dies in an accident while traveling to meet Roshdy. In the end, Raafat and Nadia get married when Raafat discovers the truth and regrets leaving Nadia.
Shadia, Imad Hamdi, Mariam Fakhr El Din, Kamal Al-Shennawi