shaaban taht el-sifr

Year of Production: 1980
Directed by: Henry Barakat
Written by: Samir Abdel Azeem
About the movie
Shabaan, a poor employee, wants to marry his love, Zeinab, but he cannot afford to. At the same time, a rich man dies without having a rightful heir. So, his family plans to search for a man to claim that he is the heir in return for half of the rich man’s wealth. Some of the man’s relatives get acquainted with Shabaan and convince him to do that. Shabaan later discovers that the person he impersonates is accused of a murder. Hence, he is arrested for not being able to prove that he is not that person. So, he escapes from prison until the rich man’s relatives confess their crime and get arrested. Eventually, Shabaan is released and marries Zeinab.
Adel Imam, Essad Youniss, Gamil Ratib, Ahmed Ratib, Eman, Imad Hamdi