rasif rakam khamsa

Year of Production: 1956
Directed by: Neyazi Mostafa
Written by: Farid Shawqi (story), El Sayed Bedeir, Barite baddar, Niazi Mostafa (screenplay) El Sayed Bedeir (dialogue)
About the movie
A gang tries to smuggle drugs through an Alexandrian Port and Sergeant Khamis tries to capture the criminals headed by a local man who pretends to be pious. The man becomes close with Khamis and frequently visits his house, then sneaks in at night to try to kill him, only to kill Khamis’ wife instead. A mute neighbor spots the man as he escapes and Khamis manages to get a useless half confession out of one of the gang members. Khamis falls for a singer who is close with the gang and harbors her in his home. Afterwards, he is discharged from duty because his gun was stolen, but he finally reaches the culprit and chases him to the port. The identity of the killer is revealed and Khamis returns to his job and marries the singer.
Farid Shawqi, Huda Sultan, Zaki Rostom, Mahmoud el-Meliguy