el nassab

Year of Production: 1961
Directed by: Niazi Mostafa
Written by: Farid Shawqi (Story), Ahmed Shoukry, Bahgat Amar (Dialogue), Abdel Hai Adib (Screenplay)
About the movie
The film revolves around two brothers; one is a diabolical con artist and diamond smuggler who asks his brother, who is an upstanding man despite his extreme poverty, to take his place as he is being chased by his rivals. Even though the smuggler had left his brother in a mental institution, but decided to get him out to trick the gang members chasing after him, both brothers band together to bring the gang members to justice.
Farid Shawqi, Stephan Rosty, Mahmoud el-Meliguy, Nagwa Fouad, Aida Hilal, Hassan Fayek