Since 1949

Walid Kurdi

About Dollar Film


Dollar Film was established in 1949, however its first distribution was in 1955. The 1950s had witnessed many social changes after the overthrow of monarchy in 1952; the emergence of a new middle class, entertainment standards became significantly higher, and the state started to pay more attention to cultural activities including cinema and filmmaking.

Thanks to the great content and high artistic standards, movies produced by Dollar Film at that time were highly appraised by both critics and the audience. In addition, the company collaborated with several renowned celebrities at that time; such as films of the duo stars Omar Sherif and Fatin Hamama, as well as Emad Hamdy’s remarkable films. Dollar Film also introduced many works inspired by masterpieces by great writers namely Naguieb Mahfouz whose works usually focus on social issues and Ehsan Abdel Qodous whose works are highly romantic.

Dollar Film opened a production wing, New Century, in 2004, and today distributes the films of New Century and other production companies in Egypt and world-wide.

The Teams

The company currently includes a team of 700 employees who work in the administrative and financial sectors, in addition to hundreds of other teams who directly follow up the film productions.


Walid Kurdi


Saad Kurdi


Zaid Kurdi

Deputy Chief Executive Officer for Administrative Affairs

Zein Kurdi

Deputy Chief Executive Officer for Production

Ahmed Badawy

Deputy Chief Executive Officer for Distribution 

Salah Barbara

Chief Financial Officer