Beside the production of its own titles, New Century Production made several Co-production deals with newly established production companies like Maqam Production, Red Star Films, and Raw Entertainment. The output for these co-production agreements:

Al-Asleyeen Movie v

Al Asleyeen

Red Star Films


Samir Aliwa a bank employee and a father of two tanagers , has a stable life. One day the bank decided to reduce the number of the stuff and Samir was laid off. He was shocked and has no dea how to deal with the new situation and how to inform his family member. Until he receives a phone call that will change his life forever


Bank El Haz

Raw Entertainment


Saleh, Amr and Zaro (Mohamed Mamdouh, Akram Hosni and Mohamed Tharwat) are three men with different levels of intelligence, but with one goal, and that’s to rob a bank. This goal of theirs causes them to fall in several comic incidents.

القرد بيتكلم

El Erd Beyetkalem

Maqam Production


Two brothers “Taha and Rashad” who works at a circus decided to held the spectators inside the circus and by using magic tricks they will force the police to release their innocent father from being in prison